Eurographics 2017: Razpis za študente prostovoljce

Datum objave: 3. februar 2017 | Datum poteka: 20. februar 2017 | Avtor: Pia Prebevšek

Novica je potekla!

Odlična priložnost, da se udeležite velike konference!

Kandidati morajo biti doktorskih ali magistrskih študenti v študijskem letu 201672017. Kratek življenjepis (eno stran), motivacijsko pismo in dokazilo o veljavnem statusu študenta je potrebno poslati na contact@eurographics2017 do 20. februarja 2017.

Več o tem kaj se od prostovoljcev pričakuje in kaj nudijo v zameno, lahko preberete spodaj.

The EG2017 Student Volunteer program is a great opportunity for young researchers to attend a major conference in Computer Graphics and to establish and expand their network with the most relevant academicians, professionals and other students in the field.

Student Volunteers are integral part of the success of a conference. We are in the process of recruiting a team of reliable and enthusiastic students who help us host and manage a successful, productive and enjoyable conference. A wide range of responsibilities will be assigned to volunteers, such as:

· Support at the Registration desks
· Badge checks for technical sessions, workshops, demos, reception and dinner
· Support at the Help desks
· Help with setting up and maintaining demos, poster and other arrangements
· Audio and video support
· Helping hand for organizing committee
In general, no special skills are required except for one or two positions, where we are looking for individuals with good photography, blogging, and A/V skills.

For their time and unmeasurable efforts, student volunteers will receive a full student registration. This includes free access to the entire conference, including technical sessions, demo and poster sessions, reception and conference diner.

Student volunteers are responsible for their traveling and lodging expenses during the conference days.

Applicants must be Master or PhD students during the 2016-2017 academic year. The individuals must have a positive attitude and have good communication skills in English.

Volunteers are required to show up 5-10 minutes before their allotted service times and be available to help out for unforeseen surprises, which are difficult to predict. We expect every volunteerto commit to a total of about 15 volunteer hours of work at the conference (over 5 days).

Responsibilities and time allotment during the conference will be sent to the volunteers a few weeks before the start of the conference, and volunteers must plan to attend the information meeting on April 7th 2014 morning before the start of the conference.