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Welcome to FERI

Publish date: 2017/01/19 | Expire date: 2018/12/31 | Author: Matjaž Potočnik

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (UM FERI) is an internationally recognised, ambitious technical faculty, which successfully transfers top technical knowledge into industry. We are one of the largest faculties in Slovenia with about 1900 full-time students, 640 freshmen students and 289 staff. Till now over 9000 students have graduated and almost 300 doctoral theses were defended at our faculty.

FERI offers 10 undergraduate, 7 masters and 3 doctoral degree study programmes in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Informatics, Media Communications, Telecommunications and Mechatronics.

In study year 2018/2019 we plan to offer the following Study Programmes in English:

  • Undergarduate Study Programme in Electrical Engineering
  • Undergarduate Study Programme in Computer Science and Information Technologies
  • Master's Programme in Computer Science and Information Technologies
  • Master's Programme in Informatics and Technologies of Communication
  • Doctoral Programme in Electrical Engineering
  • Doctoral Programme in Computer Science and Informatics
  • Doctoral Programme in Media Communications

More information about study programmes:

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Contact for agents and interested students:

Lidija Kokol
Telephone: + 386 2 220 7011
Office: G2-P.01, FERI, Koroška cesta 46, Maribor
Office hours: weekdays from 11:00 till 13:00