UPM competition 2018

Publish date: 2018/03/22 | Expire date: 2018/04/20 | Author: Pia Prebevšek

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Student competition in group programming is starting again, called Univerzitetni programerski maraton (UPM, university programming marathon). In a group are up to three students. The goal is to solve as many problems in the shortest time possible.

New season in student competition in group of three is about to begin - Univerzitetni programerski maraton (UPM, university programming marathon). For the title of UPM champion, students from three Slovenian universities compete: Maribor, Ljubljana and Primorska. The best team from Maribor will also attend regional ACM competition in Prague (Czech Republic). Successful R-IT students are also excused on part of study obligations. Group of up to three students are solving problems on single computer. The winer is a group that solves the most problems in the shortest time. You can choose from different programming languages (C++, Java, Python, C#). In a case that you are alone or you are in short of candidate, came and we will help you with that. For more info and to apply: