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Young International Contest Of Contemporary Art 2017

Publish date: 2017/09/21 | Expire date: 2017/10/03 | Author: Pia Prebevšek

The competition's aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art. The competition is open to all types of artwork and all techniques are allowed.

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Publish date: 2017/09/19 | Expire date: 2017/10/19 | Author: Pia Prebevšek

A study by the research group 07896-010 (System Software Laboratory) has been published in a distinguished journal "Proceedings of the IEEE" with the Impact Factor JCR IF (2016): 9.237. This paper has currently the highest impact factor at the Institute of Computer Science (

D. FARINA, A. HOLOBAR. Characterization of human motor units from surface EMG decomposition. Proceedings of the IEEE, 2016, 104(2): 353-373, JCR IF (2016): 9.237

Motor units are the smallest functional units of our movements. The study of their activation provides a window into the mechanisms of motor control of humans. The classic methods for motor unit investigations date to several decades ago. They are based on invasive recordings with selective needle electrodes. Conversely, the non-invasive (surface) EMG has been commonly processed as an interference signal with the information extraction limited to its global characteristics that are only crudely associated to the underlying motor unit activities. In the last decade, we proposed the methods for reliable extraction of individual motor unit activities from the interference surface EMG signal. In this review, we describe these methods and their applications in human-machine interfaces. This study has been published in a distinguished IEEE Proceedings journal with the JCR impact factor of 9.237.

25th Conference ESUG 2017

Publish date: 2017/09/06 | Expire date: 2017/09/30 | Author: Pia Prebevšek

The 25th Joint Smalltalk Conference ESUG 2017 is taking place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, at the University of Maribor.

The conference is aimed at exchanging experiences and presents the latest achievements in the development of advanced information solutions using technologies related to the Smalltalk programming language. More than 100 participants from 17 countries (ranging from Argentina, Chile, the USA, and South Africa, to India, Japan and countries across Europe) will be participating in the six-day event, which is being co-organized by the European Smalltalk User Group, the Institute of Informatics, and the Maribor-based company msg life. As part of the ESUG 2017 conference, 33 expert lectures will be presented. In addition to the Smalltalk Camp and presentation of the best Smalltalk projects, the IWST workshop will introduce 20 scientific papers.

Slovenia will be hosting the ESUG conference for the second time (the first time was in Bled in 2003), which points to the visibility and outstanding results of the Slovenian Smalltalk developer community. The final act of the 25th Jubilee Conference will be the awarding of the most technologically innovative projects in the past year and the best scientific paper.

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Second Computer Sicence Summer School

Publish date: 2017/09/01 | Expire date: 2017/09/30 | Author: Pia Prebevšek

The Institute of Computer Science organizied second Computer Science Summer School for primary and secondary students in the past week.

They prepared three workshops:

- Programming for girls,
- My first Android game, and
- Little penguin.

The summer school was financially supported by donors: Dewesoft, Comtrade, and Adacta.

You can see more pictures here: